L2Ghost - Lineage 2 Interlude.


Experience (XP): 300x
Skill Points (SP): 300x
Rate Drop Adena: x300
Drop Itens: 10x
Spoil: 10x
Weight Limit: 10x

Servidor Info

Horário do Servidor, Site e Fórum - GMT -3
Buffs: 36 Slots, All buffs in NPC and Scheme System
Maximum Buff slot: 36
Sistema Anti-Bot (Gameguard)
Geodata e Pathnodes: Sim
Sub-Classe: Free
Max Sub Class: 6+1 (Main Class)
Classe Master: True
Off-line Shop mode: True
Auto Learn Skills: True
Auto Learn Loot: True
Auto Learn Raid & Grand Boss Loot: False
Champions System: True
Wedding System: True
Siege: Retail (15 to 15 Days)
Augments: Skills disable (only INT-STR)


Safe: +5 | Max: +16
Normal Enchant: 100% Max +5
Blessed Scroll chance - 50% Max +13. Fail? return +5
Golden Scroll: 5-13(100%), 13-16(50%), return +13


Time: 18h to 00h GMT-3
Items: Grade-S / No Custom
Enchant: +6
Period: 15 to 15 Days
Minimum 9 Games, Minimum 4 Points to be Hero

Clan Info

Maximum Clan Members: 40
Number of clans in ally: 1
Penalty of leave clans: 1 DAY for all


Team vs Team: 1 in 1 Hours
Party Farm: 10:00 - 14:00 - 19:00 - 23:00 (90 min Duration)
Tournament: 13:15 - 17:15 - 21:15 (60 min Duration)

Server Items

Armors (Upgrade System): Titanium, Dark Knight, Oath, Morai, Elegia, Vorpal, Divine, Vesper, Vesper Noble
Weapons (Upgrade System): Grade S, Epic, Scion, Vesper
Accessories: +100 P.def and M.def
Tattoo's and Jewels Boss
Skin System: Allowed exclusive skins

Raid Info

Golkonda = 6-8 Hours Respawn
Queen Shyeed = 6-8 Hours Respawn
Ember = 6-8 Hours Respawn
Ketra Brakki = 6-8 Hours Respawn
Ketra Tayr = 6-8 Hours Respawn
Ketra Hekaton = 6-8 Hours Respawn
Varka Mos = 6-8 Hours Respawn
Varka Horus = 6-8 Hours Respawn

Flame Splendor Barakiel = 4-1 Hours Respawn (Kill = Nobles)

Grand Boss Info

Core = All Weak Day at 18:00 GMT-3
Orfen = All Weak Day at 19:00 GMT-3
Queen Ant = All Weak Day at 20:00 GMT-3
Zaken = All Weak Day at 20:30 GMT-3

Need buy quest item in GM Shop to enter the raid room
Baium = Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 22:00 GMT-3
Antharas = Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 22:00 GMT-3
Valakas = Sunday and Thursday at 22:00 GMT-3


NPCs - NPCs The weapons, armor and accessories are uniquely customized to provide a unique experience in a fun and competitive environment.

Raid & Grand Boss: All raid and Grand game Bosses have drops and modified status. The drops and strength of Raid and Grand Bosses will vary depending on your level.

All configurations and features that were not reported here are Retail, ie equal to the official Lineage II or were considered irrelevant.